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Activity art (And rare: η τεχνη and techné : ars and Britain: art) that starts obtaining mental and sense change because those who appreciate act on those who express it or expression things each other. Art, art and literature, music, and play, etc.

The work and the processes such as the means, media, and objects taken so that the side gripped as an activity on the those who express it side is especially strong, and those who express it may appeal to those who appreciate in that case are called an art. The content that those who express it try to pass on to those who appreciate is various like belief, thought, the sense, and feelings, etc.


One of the six continents in the generic name of the region including islands and the sea area on a Madagascan island in the Africa continent and the circumference etc. ..Africa (Africa and Kicanada).. wide sensesThe Mediterranean sea is placed and it is located in the south of Europe. Sahara south Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa and subSahara Africa) is often indicated to the narrow sense, and it is often called Black Africa. The area is 30.3 million square kilometers, and the population is 850 million people, and it only accounts for 13.7% compared with the world population though it accounts for 22.3% of the entire world. It is being formed by 53 independent countries now.

Africa is called human race's birthplace. Only it was not known to Europe (Or, it did not try to admit the existence), and there was actually a civilization from ancient times though Africa of sub-saharan was called like "Continent of darkness" and uncivilized ground from European nations before.

There is a person who calls "White Africa" and the south "Black Africa" or "Sabsahara" and divides the north side of this wide desert in the boundary where Sahara desert is big, too.

Africa is divided into north Africa, central part Africa, east Africa, southern part Africa, and West African.


is ..import (.. to buy the fortunes of the resource and service, etc. from the foreign country. Cata is exported. Not installing the limitation in importing and exporting generally becomes regardless of the presence of the resource or the height of productivity, and the international division of labor advances, and the profit becomes the maximum for which nation. However, when the protection promotion of domestically-based service companies and dependancies to the foreign country are too high, it is usual to impose some limitations because there is a possibility of receiving a large disadvantage when the international situation deteriorates.

In the first of the tariff methods in Article 2 clause 1 in a Japanese country「Marine products that Tot was done by the ship of the foreign country in the high seas ..import (.. are contained with) ..the arrival at our country from the foreign country.. ..freight (... ) The freight that receives licensing of exports is said the receipt to our country (The one by way of the bonded area to our country through the bonded area). 」It is defined.

The pronunciation named" is ..".. ..".. general before though it was read," now.

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